Using Media to Drive Change

Created: March 2017

Last Updated: April 2020

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Estimated time:

40 minutes 

  • [10 minutes] Activity 

  • [30 minutes] Challenge

Group or individual activity:Individual
Ages:13-18 years old
Grades: Grades 8-12
Online / offline elements:  This learning experience contains an offline activity and a challenge that requires the use of a computer or mobile device.

Main area: Civic and Political Engagement

Additional areas: Content Production, Digital (Literacy), Information Quality, Media (Literacy), Positive / Respectful Behavior

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Learning Goal

Identify ways in which various types of media can be used to promote awareness around an issue.


  • Computer or mobile device with Internet access

  • [Optional] Paper

  • [Optional] Pen or pencil



Media is an awesome tool for sharing ideas with others, and can be a powerful way to spread messages around causes individuals care about. Sometimes young advocates use digital media to target specific problems. For example, Amandla Stenberg is a young actress and activist who released a video in 2015 about black culture and cultural appropriation for her history class. By releasing the video, she acted as an advocate and raised awareness about an issue she is passionate about. Other people prefer to use analog, non-digital media platforms like TV, radio, or newspapers to tell an audience about their ideas.

As advocates for change, media of all sorts can be powerful tools for achieving our goals. In this learning experience, you will explore this idea by creating a message and spreading it across various types of media to reach a large audience. 

In the “Awareness Through Hashtags” learning experience, you can explore a specific way to facilitate online coverage of an issue you care about.


Think of an example of media (e.g., a YouTube video, a social media post or account, a visual meme) that is inspiring and might be a good way to help spread a message about a cause you care about. Feel free to search online for examples! Write a paragraph where you specify three types of media that you can use to discuss your concerns about, and solutions to, the problem. These platforms can be digital, analog, or a mixture of both. In your paragraph, also include an answer to the question: Why would the media platforms that you selected be an effective way to spread this message?

If you’d like, you can also create your own media content about an issue you care about. This might include:

  • A text-based post to communicate your cause and why people should take action.

  • An idea for an image or graphic (or an image / graphic itself) to communicate the cause and how others can help support it. 

  • An idea for a video to raise awareness and encourage action around the cause. 

Next Steps 

Great job on completing this challenge! We bet that others are excited to see what you learned! We encourage you to share your write-up (and / or the media you content you created, if you decided to do so) with an educator, mentor, or advisor, or a family member or friend. Feel free to also share your write-up with the Youth and Media team through email ( Please indicate the title of the learning experience in the subject line of the email.

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April, 2020