Educational Technology and Student Privacy Checklist

☐ What types of ed tech are involved in this plan?
☐ Is any information about students going to be leaving the school?
☐ For instance, will this information be hosted on systems not controlled by the school (e.g. “on the cloud”11 or servers operator by an external company)?
☐ Will you be sharing this information with companies or individuals that are not school employees?
☐ If the answer is yes to the preceding question, who will have access to the information?
(List everyone who will or should have access to this information.)
☐ What types of information are being shared?
(List all the student information that will be collected, shared or accessed by third parties.)
☐ Is there any information being shared that could be considered sensitive? Is there any that could be
considered personally identifiable information under FERPA?
☐ Do you know what the parties who get the information will do with it? If the party is a company, do you
know what their privacy practices are?
☐ Does your school or district have a contract with any of the parties who will have access to the
☐ Do you plan to ask students’ parents for consent to share this information? What about consent from
students themselves?
☐ What benefits do you think sharing this information about students might bring to the students? To you
as an educator? To the school?
☐ What risks do you think sharing this information might pose to students? To you as an educator? To the
☐ Are there key areas where you need more information to be able to answer these or related questions?
Where might you get that information?
☐ Are there any other people you might want to consult with to make sure these or related ed tech and
student privacy questions are answered fully and satisfactorily? Who are they?

Individual vs. Group