Boost Your Resume

Created: March 2017

Last Updated: April 2020

This learning experience is part of a playlist — two or more learning experiences focused on specific areas of the digital world. You can find this playlist, Crafting a Successful Resume, here. This particular learning experience is the fifth in a sequence of six. Learning experiences in a playlist build off of each other, but they were designed so that they can also be completed on their own! 

Estimated time:

35 minutes 

  • [5 minutes] Activity

  • [30 minutes] Challenge

Group or individual activity:Individual
Ages:16-18 years old
Grades:Grades 10-12
Online / offline elements: This learning experience contains an offline activity and challenge.

Main area: Digital Economy 

Additional areas: Content Production, Context, Digital (Literacy), Identity Exploration and Formation

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*Please note: If you do not already have a resume, please complete the “How to Start a Resume” learning experience, also part of the Crafting a Successful Resume playlist, before engaging in this activity.  

Learning Goal

Understand what is expected on a resume based on your intended audience.


  • Computer or mobile device with Internet access

  • [Optional] Paper

  • [Optional] Pen or pencil



Every day, you likely consider the environment(s) we are in when you decide what to share with others. For instance, maybe you talk in a different way with our teachers or parents / caregivers than you do with your friends. Thinking about the characteristics of our audience is an important way of understanding how to best connect with the people you are trying to reach. While you probably have a lot of ideas floating around your head throughout the day, you have to figure out which ones are appropriate to share and with whom. In resume terms, this approach is no different. Though you have probably engaged in a variety of work-relevant activities, it is important to figure out the items that will resonate 

Now, you will examine the resume draft you made in the “How to Start a Resume” learning experience (or a resume you already have) and figure out which items work well, and which aspects may not function as well, for the resume’s intended audience.


First, at the top of your resume, write down the particular job you have created your resume for. In other words, think: who are you telling your story to? Then, show your resume to someone such as a teacher, librarian, family member, or a friend for feedback.

After receiving their feedback, edit your resume to make a second version. Finally, in a paragraph, compare the first and second versions of your resume and explain what you learned during the process of improving your resume.

Next Steps

Amazing work completing this challenge! We bet that others are really interested in seeing what you learned! We encourage you to share your write-up and revised resume with an educator, mentor, or advisor, or a family member or friend. This can be someone you have consulted before, or someone new! You can also share your write-up and resume with the Youth and Media team via email ( Please identify the title of the learning experience in the subject line of the email.


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April, 2020